My name is Chris (or Christopher, I tend to change it every decade or two) and I like to share knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional, I am an educator a heart, one who likes to share what I know with others, and learn as I go. That is why I’ve put pen to paper on this site. I’ve shocked my friends, family, and co-workers with my ability to retire at age 41. But really, I’m not special, there’s an entire movement of people just like me, it’s called the FIRE Movement.

What I will endeavor to do with this site, (now that I have tons of free time), is to share how I got to where I am and learnings along the way. Many people know about various saving techniques, side hustles, hobbies that pay you, and how to make a buck, but this site is about what makes me tick and what resonates with me and what has worked for me. To be fair, some of the things I share are referral links where I may be compensated if you join – hey, free money for both off us, why not?